Cask Ales


Fyne Ales Jarl 3.8% ABV

Anarchy Quiet Riot 6.6% ABV

Dark Star Hophead 3.8% ABV

Otley Oxymoron 5.5% ABV

Salopian Lemon Dream 4.5% ABV

Cross Bay Zenith 5.0% ABV

Butcombe 4.0% ABV

Scrum Diggity 4.0% ABV

Cwtch Juicy 4.8% ABV

Spitting Feathers 4.4% ABV

Summer Virgin 4.4% ABV

Bajan Breakfast 4.0% ABV

Ein Stein 5.0% ABV

Exclusive Keg Beers

Rothaus 5.0% ABV

Torment 5.0% ABV

Franken 4.0% ABV

Real Ciders

Snails Bank Fruit Bat 4.0% ABV

Lilleys Mango 4.0% ABV

Ruby Tuesday 4.0% ABV

Gladiator 4.0% ABV

Bottled Beers

Chapeau Pineapple 5.0% ABV

Chapeau Exotic 3.5f% ABV

Chapeau Fraise 3.5% ABV

Chapeau Banana 3.5% ABV

Chapeau Framboise 3.5% ABV

Chapeau Mirabelle 3.5% ABV

Chapeau Peche 3.5% ABV

Chapeau Lemon 3.5% ABV

La Chouffe 5.0% ABV

Chimay Blue 5.0% ABV

Chimay Red 5.0% ABV

Chimay Silver 5.0% ABV

Gulden Draak 5.0% ABV

Kwak 5.0% ABV

Delirium Tremens 5.0% ABV

St Paul Triple 5.0% ABV

St Paul White 5.0% ABV

St Paul Speciale 5.0% ABV

St Paul Double 5.0% ABV

St Paul Blond 5.0% ABV

Cwtch 5.0% ABV

Cwtch Hadouken 7.4% ABV

Cwtch Cali American 5.6% ABV

Cwtch Boho 5.0% ABV

Cwtch Fubar 4.4% ABV

Plus many more to be announced


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