Ten Best Street Food Traders and Trailers Announced!

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March 1, 2019
April 3, 2019

Now here’s something exciting for all you foodies out there – we’ve been working away to invite a mouth-watering array of top traders to dish out only the best international cuisines for us to salivate over in the Cheshire Fest Street Food Village. Our stomachs are rumbling away already, so let’s not waste any time and give you a run through of what to expect so we can go and have a dig in the fridge…

1.    Chilli Banana

Possibly one of the foremost purveyors of Thai and South-East Asian food in the region with multiple restaurants across the North West, including one of our favourite haunts in Bramhall Village – we welcome Chilli Banana! Authentic, flavour-packed dishes with a punch. Whether it’s a classic Green Curry, Pad Thai or something you’ve never tried before… try pairing your choice with an ice-cold hoppy beer!

2.    Levant Street Food 

Delights and delicacies from the Eastern Mediterranean, owners Sami and Becky bring together influences from Lavant cuisine found across Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Syria and Cyprus. From fresh homemade Hummus and Falafel to Tabouleh, Kibbeh and Baba Ghanoush – you’ll be transported to exotic lands and taken on a trip of the senses. Best enjoyed with fresh, crisp wines to compliment rich tastes & textures.

3.    Oh So British 

Oh we do love the best of British. And thanks to Oh So British chefs Anthony & Darren, we can look forward to delectable dining that uses the highest quality seasonal produce. Steak Burgers, Fish & Chips and proper pie that would bring a tear to your eye – you’ll need a pint or three to wash it all down and a place to kick back in full view of the stage while you take a moment to savour those flavours!

4.    Turks Wraps 

If you’re a fan of good kebabs, then you’ve got to try Turks Wraps. Their charcoal-grilled chicken thigh or boneless chicken and Halloumi wraps are sure to be a hit with anybody. Choose from a selection of sauces from around the Mediterranean, pile up with crisp, fresh salad and immediately transport yourself to back sunny holidays spent in Spain, Greece and Turkey. Perfect with a cold Gin & Tonic!

5.    Flavors Of Africa 

Culinary culture from the heart of Africa with rich and nutritious Jollof Rice, black beans, warming stews and gorgeous chicken on the bone cooked in ginger, paprika and garlic marinades. You can have them spicy hot, or just packed full of flavour to suit your tastes – a must-try for any first-timers to Sub-Saharan cuisine! Why not try a fruity cocktail to go along with your food and really go tropical?

6.    Porky Pig  

United fans with regular trips to Old Trafford will be happy to hear that the famous Porky Pig will be in attendance at this year’s festival. Traditional dishes that linger on the tastebuds long after they’ve been wolfed down – this local favourite will be serving up something different than their usual. A latest trend taking over Street Food Markets across the country, Yorkshire Pudding Wraps! We’ll say no more.

7.    Panda Catering 

Cantonese and Szechuan Chinese dishes with a kick – you can expect your favourite noodle pots, rice meals and all the crispy duck you can stomach. There’ll be dim sum starters and plenty of reasons to pull out those chopsticks and take a ride on the Orient Express. Just make sure that you don’t get hounded by the family to share when they see those sweet, hot and sour sauces and gorgeous fresh veg.

8.    Los Churros Amigos

Los Churros Amigos was founded by Hugo Tracey in 2012, just as the UK street food scene was taking off. Seven years later, they’ve taken their sweet treats to festivals around the country and we can’t wait to have a bite ourselves! Freshly made, with organic flour and completely vegan ingredients, their star shaped, crisp Churros are served with a thick melted chocolate sauce and fresh fruits.

9.    Hoggie Hog Roast 

Sweet, sticky, melt-in-the-mouth butties from our own Hoggie Hog Roast. A huge hit with visitors to previous festivals you can count on long cues for this classic British dish. Spit-roasted hog with Bramley Apple Sauce and crisp slaws that will leave a big old smile on your face. Perfect with a dry white wine or cider to accompany those rich, juicy sandwiches and don’t forget a few fries to go alongside too.

10. Hanky Panky Pancakes 

Something a bit naughty to look forward to for your afters – Hanky Panky Pancakes made fresh to order, with a whole feast of toppings and sweet sauces that will leave you wondering whether to go back for seconds. Fun to dig into and a big hit with the little ones, and why not? Just pack some extra wipes to get the chocolate off those messy little hands and faces!

So there we have it. Before we starve with all this talk of festival Street Food, we’re off for lunch. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for news on our Artisan Stalls – with top producers and makers to meet and browse through at the festival.
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