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Stall / Trailer Size

Stall Size - To successfully site your stall we require the following dimensions.

- Stall / Trailer frontage: (The total width of the front of your stall, including any extra space you require for guide ropes, tow bars etc).

- Stall / Trailer Depth: (The depth of your staff structure only).

- Space behind: (The depth behind your stall, to be used for storage, camping, car parking etc).

Please accurately list these dimensions in meters below.


Stall/Trailer Frontage (metres) *

Stall / Trailer Depth (in metres) including full setup and vehicles: *

Please supply a diagram/drawing overview of your setup, including stock vechicles, fridges and overall pitch size.

Crew Passes

Please list the total number of passes you require for your crew. Each stall / trailer, depending on size will have an allowance of between 4 - 8 passes.

Number of passes for show days *

Number of EXTRA passes for build and break days *

Please note no one under 18 allowed during rig and de-rig process unless previously authorised.

Vehicle Passes

Please list the total number of vechicles you will need. There will be a further opportunity to confirm this infomation nearer the event. Also add total number of campers vans or motor homes in this total.

Vehicle Total *

Vehicle 1 Type and Registration *

Vehicle 2 Type and Registration

Vehicle 3 Type and Registration


Please note that power requirements must be correct on application. Unfortunately extra power cannot be added at the event.


16amp Single Phase *

32amp Single Phase

32amp 3 Phase

63amp Single Phase

No Power

Additional Power EG - Freezer Vans/Caravans *

Gas (LPG)

Gas (LPG) required *

Description of Stall / Trailer

The key for our selection process is to ensure you supply as much information as possible. How your stall / trailer looks and the food you sell plays a big part, please provide your best quotes and photos.

Attach 3 images of the stall and trailer that you are trading with onsite. If you arrive with a different stall and trailer not shown in the images, your entry will be refused. (Accepted file types: .jpg .pdf .doc .png .txt)

Please add further information which you feel will help with your application (food ethos, concept & food description) *

Please add last 3 festivals/events attended *


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