Terms & Conditions



  • Upon acceptance of your Concessions Trader Application, you will be invoiced by us to pay an initial 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the booking
  • The remaining amount of your concession fees and any requested electricity costs are then required to be settled in full, up to 60 days prior to the event, along with a litter and waste water bond
  • Cheshire Fest will retain 100% of paid fees at the point of cancellation if you provide notice that you cannot trade at the event
  • Please make payment via bank transfer to the supplied details, with a reference on the payment of your trading name and invoice number

The following insurance covers are required to trade:
  • Employer Liability (for no less than £10,000,000)
  • Products Liability (for no less than £5,000,000)
  • Public Liability (for no less than £10,000,000)

Copies of current insurance certificates MUST BE enclosed with payment. Where these will be out-of-date at the time of the festival, evidence of renewed cover must be sent to Cheshire Fest Limited prior to the event and should be made available for inspection during the event.

All gas appliances and installations used on the festival site must be currently certified as useable and safe by a registered Gas Safe Register gas engineer. A copy of the current Gas Safe Register certificate must always be available for inspection whilst on site. Only one spare bottle of LPG may be kept at your site at any time, however this must be secured from interference by the public. Any other spares should be locked away or be marked as yours and stored at the LPG secure compound. Gas is to be bought from the sites nominated supplier; pre order will take place two week prior to the event.

All food traders MUST have leak detection spray with them for use when changing gas cylinders.

All electrical appliances used on site must have a current Portable Appliance Test (PAT) Certificate. A copy of the PAT Schedule detailing the testing of all electrical equipment to be used on-site must be enclosed with payment. Equipment deemed unsafe by any representative of the site electrical contractor or by the Safety Manager may be removed from your stall at his/her discretion for the duration of the event. You are responsible for supplying your own power cables (20 meters is the minimum length you need).

Please note: there will be a small surcharge for power that is additional to the pitch fee – this is to improve efficiency of power usage and also in relation to the rising fuel costs. This will be a set fee dependent on power in amps needed. Individual prices will be set for each event, not per day and must be paid in full as per invoice details. VAT will also be added to the power charge.

Potable water will be available from bowsers on site. You should bring adequate water butts to transport clean water to your stall.
Re: Grey water disposal - you will be directed by site management where your nearest disposal area is when you are sited. Non-compliance resulting from disposal of grey water in any location other than the allocated zone will result in organisers retaining your waste/water bond.

In general, you should bring adequate rubbish bins and bin liners to cope with the rubbish generated by your stall. The bins should be emptied as regularly as necessary during the event, the filled liners being removed from the public areas and trading/kitchen areas to accessible collection points. You are also responsible for keeping the ground area 10 metres in front of your stall frontage clean and tidy. Non-compliance will result in organisers retaining your waste/water bond.


A £100 bond payment will be due up to 60 days prior to the event along with full payment and is an additional cost to your pitch fee - *this will be returned after the event/events*. The trader is responsible for cleaning and keeping the designated pitch area tidy, if the area is left in a mess, or grey water and cooking oils are incorrectly disposed of then the festival may keep the litter bond to help cover the costs of cleansing the site.

All events use licensed sites covered by the Licensing Act 2003. It is your responsibility to be aware of the act and to comply with it whilst on the event site.

You must ensure that all working practices and procedures comply with the regulations. Your attention is directed particularly (but not exclusively) to the provisions outlined in:

  • Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006
  • EU Regulation 852/2004 (Hygiene of Foodstuffs)
  • Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999
  • The Food Safety Act 1990
  • The General Food Law Regulation (EC) 178/2002 (legislation relevant to food allergy advice requirements and relevant traceability)
  • The Health and Safety at work Act (1974)
  • The highly flammable liquids and Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG) Regulations 1972.

You should also be aware of the fact that under the terms of the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006, Food Business Operators are now required to implement and maintain a regime of Risk Analysis relevant to all matters pertaining to such questions of Food Safety and Hygiene as may be reasonably expected to arise from the operation of that business. These analyses are to be based on the principles of The Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points, (HACCPs), details of which should be obtained from the Environmental Health Department of your local authority.

A copy of your food safety risk analysis document must be enclosed with payment.
  • All caterers must now operate the FSA’s “Safer Food Better Business” (SFBB) system or equivalent and have an operational SFBB pack or equivalent available for inspection on-site. SFBB is available to view on-line at www.food.gov/sfbb and the pack itself can be ordered from foodstandards@ecgroup.co.uk

It is now a legal requirement that all staff must be supervised, instructed or trained in food hygiene matters to a level, which is commensurate with their duties. At present, what that means in practice is that at least one trained and experienced member of staff must be present within the trading area at all times, and as a minimum, all other staff members must have been given adequate instruction on the safe conduct of their duties.

No Under 18s are permitted onsite for build-up and break down days. If you are wanting to bring children to the festival / event they MUST arrive on the first day. Wristbands will NOT be issued to any under 18s unless stated directly in the trader pack that the festival allows them to come before.

You must provide adequate fire-fighting equipment for your stall and have carried out a fire-risk-specific hazard analysis of your operation. A copy of this document must be available for on-site inspection. You must provide a minimum of one dry powder extinguisher (min. 6kgs) that must have been either inspected by a trained contractor or purchased within the last 12 months. Documentation to establish either must be available on-site.
Where deep-fat fryers are used, a foam-type fire extinguisher should also be provided. You should also provide at least one fire blanket.
a) For tents or marquees a fire retardancy certificate must be available for on-site inspection.
b) Where fire lanes are provided to the rear and sides of the stall they must be kept clear of obstruction. In this regard please pay particular attention to the location of stock storage, rubbish bags, and staff tents, during the event as well as at set-up time.
c) Fire exits from the work areas within the stall area must also be kept clear. A clear way from the work areas to the fire lane or to open ground must be maintained free from obstruction.

Your pitch location will be decided before the event. There will be no guarantee to where your pitch will be positioned, due to various factors which can occur around the planning of the event. Cheshire Fest Limited organisers will have final decision on the location.

The sale or offer of sale, of goods other than those specified on your invoice will be deemed to constitute non-compliance (see NON-COMPLIANCE section below).

  • No trader may sell aluminium cans, all canned drinks therefore must be decanted.
  • You must sell water/soft drinks no cheaper than the bar price. Organisers will fix this price for all traders.
  • No alcohol to be sold, without exception.
  • Only one person is to be allowed to camp at the back of your pitch, the tent must be taken down for show days. All other staff to camp in a designated camping area.
  • Passes / Wristbands are non-transferrable for staff working different days. The numbers of vehicles you have asked for (vans only) are the only ones that are allowed on site. You will be given a pass for these vehicles only. There is no other parking for traders.
  • NO AMPLIFIED MUSIC - except by prior written agreement.
    The sale or offer of sale, of goods other than those specified on your invoice will be deemed to constitute non-compliance.

All traders at the event MUST accept the food vouchers or tokens given out to Staff / Security / Artists at the event / festival. These vouchers / tokens may be redeemed for one meal (costing up to £5 per voucher) which will then be re-imbursed to you after the event by bank transfer.
In order for re-imbursement to be made for the food vouchers an invoice must be sent by the trader to the festival finance department within two weeks after the event.
Vouchers will be collected and counted by a member of the organising team onsite and placed into a sealed bag. For any extra vouchers not collected onsite, these will need to be sent in along with the invoice. In the case of vouchers not being returned, they will become invalid.
Cheshire Fest Limited will supply further details before each event, in the event trader’s advance information pack, sent two weeks prior to the festival weekend.

If you require more space for your unit / stall than requested upon application then you will be charged an additional fee per extra meter of space upon the condition that the site has space. If you cannot trade within the space requested, then it will leave the event management team with no choice other than to ask you to leave without trading. Please note that the size of your pitch will be agreed at the time of booking and we will accept amendment requests at any time up until the festival weekend.

If there is a cancellation of an event which results in this agreement not being able to be met, due to circumstances of force majeure, there will be a refund of the pitch fee, minus an admin fee deemed appropriate by the festival. The timescale of the refund will be dependent on insurers pay-out to the festival. Under conditions where a postponement is available then traders fees will be retained to secure a reschedule of the booking to another date.

The festival reserves the right to remove you and / or your goods and chattels and / or your staff or agents from the festival site in the event of your failure to comply with the terms and conditions as outlined herein or as directed by the licensing authorities.
If you are found to be using illegal workers on the event you will be reported to the police and asked to leave the festival.
All traders should be aware of the legalities of products that they are selling, ignorance is not a defence.
The festival reserves the right to remove anyone from the site to ensure the smooth running of the event. The management of the festival retain sole competency in adjudging all matters relating to compliance. No entitlement to rebate or restitution of associated costs will accrue from actions taken by the site management to address any case of non-compliance. Additionally, even where removal from site is not deemed appropriate, any failure to comply may prejudice invitations to trade at future festivals. All traders are responsible for the actions of their staff.

Copies of the following are required:

1. Signed terms/ conditions
2. Liabilities Insurance certificate (as outlined in conditions)
3. Your latest PAT Certification
4. Your latest Gas Safe Certification (if applicable)
5. Food Hazards Analysis document
6. Fire Hazards Analysis document
7. Local Authority Food Business Registration details (as detailed on your last home EHO inspection copy)
8. A full menu and tariff of all items to be offered for sale.

Where documentation is renewable (Gas Safe Register, PAT certification) please include a copy of your most recent documentation in all instances. Please note - that due to the change in the gas Safety certification system these documents and all others will be inspected on site before trading.

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